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We are so happy that you would like to volunteer with NEDC to help Nazareth thrive! 

We want this to be a positive experience for you, so you may volunteer at any level.

• Join a committee to assist in planning

• Project assistance in our office

• Onsite assistance at an event

• Administrative assistance work that can be done at home 

We provide everything that you need and give instructions, so you will not have to guess what you should be doing. 


Follow this link to find out about NEDC

If you do decide to volunteer with us, please fill out the sheet below.  This will help fit your interests and skills to our committee work.

We are grateful for the generous gift of your time and talents and welcome you to the NEDC team. We hope you will find your volunteer experience rewarding and meaningful, and you will feel pride in being an integral piece in the continued betterment of Downtown Nazareth. 

 Thank you so much. We look forward to working with you. 

about us

The Nazareth Economic Development Commission is a duly authorized 501c3 commission chartered to operate independently to bring about economic revitalization into the Nazareth Downtown Business District.


Our mission is to advance the prosperity of Nazareth Borough through the talents and strengths of the commission members by working together for the betterment and economic growth of the community. It will strive to assure a favorable business community climate for implementing new ideas and economic growth.

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