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History of Market

Nazareth downtown board at Nazareth Economic Development Commission.Our modern-day Nazareth Farmers Market was ‘re-established’ in 2010 as a labor of love from local merchants direct to the Nazareth Community. Held each Saturday from May to October (and Small Business Saturday in November and Christmas in Nazareth in December) in the iconic ‘circle’ at the intersection of Main and Center Streets. The ‘circle’ (as we call it in Nazareth) is property owned by the Moravian Church. Through an arrangement with the Borough of Nazareth, this beautiful parklike setting has been a public space for all to enjoy year-round.

We can say ‘re-established’ because the concept of meeting in this space weekly to share locally produced goods in this exact location started with the Moravian Settlers in 1740.

The Moravians' communal lifestyle in Nazareth was characterized by a system known as the "economy." Under this system, all property, goods, and resources were held in common by the community. Each member of the settlement contributed their skills and labor to support the overall well-being of the community.

The weekly exchange of goods was a key aspect of the Moravian communal system in Nazareth. This practice involved each member of the community producing goods or crafts based on their skills and expertise. These goods were then brought to this central location where they were displayed and exchanged.

While the communal system in Nazareth began to change in the 19th century due to external influences and evolving societal norms, the weekly exchange in the circle had ceased. However, the Moravian heritage remains an integral part of the town's identity. Bringing the Nazareth Farmers Market back to the community continues a rich tradition of sharing for the common good.

When you visit the market today, you will find a family and pet friendly environment. It has become a place to step away from our hectic lifestyle. There is a slow pace that we seldom witness anywhere today. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. It is much more than just a place to buy some produce, it is a gathering of friends and neighbors who share a love for our community and the hard worker producers that bring their goods here each week.

Our vendors love bringing their products to the market and are always happy to share a recipe, story or just their friendship.

Today, Nazareth continues to celebrate its history and the contributions of the Moravian settlers that still influence us today through various cultural events, museums, and preserved historic buildings. To learn more about this rich history visit
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