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C.F. Martin and Co.


Visit Martin
Factory Tours
As a visitor on the factory floor, your guided tour will show you how our guitars come to life through the hands of the craftsperson. Explore the art of guitarmaking, from old world tools to our state-of-the-art facility. Follow a guitar from rough lumber to a finished product which requires more than 300 steps to complete.

Moravian Historical Society


Your Place to
Discover History

Explore one of the oldest and most distinguished collections of artifacts, art, and architecture related to Moravian history in North America.

• Tour the 1740-1743 Whitefield House!
• Become a member!
• Join us at Share the Heritage!
• Host your wedding or event with us.
• Enjoy a walking tour of historic Nazareth! 
• Shop the bookstore and giftshop.
• See our plans to renovate the Ephrata Tract!
• Purchase an Original Moravian Star!

Nazareth Artisan Studio


We are conveniently located in historic Nazareth, PA.  The studio is on Main Street in the center of town.  Visit us, enjoy a class or take a full day workshop.  We are there creating Wednesdays through Saturdays.  Check the schedule & COME and ENJOY!

Nazareth Center for Arts


The Nazareth Center for the Arts offers an active schedule throughout the year that includes live music
performances spanning a wide range of genres, art shows and receptions in our gallery, poetry readings, storytelling, documentary film series, open mic nights, writing sessions, classes and special events for all ages and interests!

Get in Touch

Nazareth Music Center


Ralph Brodt, Jr. understood from a young age that music enriches lives. In 1957, he began teaching private lessons at a local music store called Zellner’s Music. He developed a close relationship with the Zellners themselves, who respected his love of music, hard work, and pleasant demeanor. Ralph and his wife, Edith, purchased the store from the Zellners in 1960 and changed the name to Nazareth Music Center.

The Art Den


The Art Den offers a broad variety of creative classes for both children and adults. Located in the heart of Nazareth, our studio provides an inspiring space for you to explore your full artistic potential! All classes are led by our  professional artists!  Come discover your inner creativity where you can Be Bold, Be Creative, Be You and most of all have fun!

Yarn Outlet of Nazareth


Save on retail prices at their factory direct Yarn Outlet. They offer over 700 American Made and sourced yarns and colors for knitters and crocheters.

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